Each year Greece welcomes visitors from all over the world. In the summer of course tourist movement soars as the Greek sun is synonymous with freedom and a carefree lifestyle, yet the country’s mild climate and many attractions, along with its excellent infrastructure, have made Greece a favorite destination in winter too. 

One can travel to Greece in many different ways: by road, plane, train or sea. Majorroads link Greece with Europe and Asia. The country’s airports provide top-notch services. Rail connections with Europe allow for a lovely nostalgic journey. And last but not least, Greek ports welcome ocean-going ships and local ferries all year round.

By plane, ship, train or car, or even a combination of transportation means, traveling to Greece is relatively simple and quick, even though it is situated at the southernmost corner of Europe and the Balkan Peninsula!

Athens, being the biggest Greek city, and the 4th most populous capital of the EU, disposes with the modern public transportation possibilities to fulfil the needs of its inhabitants and visitors.

The transportation that the city offers includes

* Metro
* Tram
* City buses
* Trolley-buses
* Suburban railway

The transportation fares / tickets and cards

*Since November 2017, the Athens transport tickets have been replaced by modern rechargeable tickets and plastic smartcards.

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Athens is connected to its International Airport, located about 25km away from the city center, through several transportation options:

Metro line 3 “Aghia Marina – Athens International Airport.”
Suburban Rail from Athens Central Railway Station (Larissis Station) or from SKA (Rail center of Acharnes)
Bus services (OSY) four lines provide transportation to the airport
Regional buses (KTEL Express Service) five lines operate between the city center and the airport

Port of Piraeus

Located 10km away from the city center the port of Piraeus is the biggest port of Athens. The transportation to the port is possible via:

Metro line 1
Buses and Trolley-buses

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