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HOST CITY About Athens
Each year, more and more travelers are choosing Athens for their leisure and business travel all year round. There are several reasons; Athens offers a variety of things to see and do, and most of the times,under favourable weather conditions.Athens is considered one of Europe’s safest capitals; its transportation network is user- friendly.Athens is an ideal congress destination, combining state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent conference facilities and easy access from all over the world with world-class cultural attractions, modern amenities, diverse entertainment and natural beauty.
   Green highlights about Athens
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals & the City of Athens
The City of Athens sets priorities and invests in actions that will enable Athens to reach the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN and deliver prosperity for all by 2030.Supporting sustainable tourism practices, the city of Athens through the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency has joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as a destination member.This partnership will help ADDMA to orient the local tourism sector toward our sustainability goals.
    • Athens International Airport -AIA 1st carbon neutral airport in Greece, will achieve Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2025
• Multitude of available green & open-air spaces that provide safety and ventilation for the guests
• 30+ Green Key properties in Athens Currency – Credit Cards
Greece is a member of the eurozone, the group of EU countries that use Euro (€). No other currency is accepted.
Major cities of Greece, as Athens, are cash-free to a great extent and the use of debit and credit cards is very widespread. All major credit cards are accepted in almost all hotels, shops and restaurants. Stickers in the front windows will advise you as to which cards are accepted. Taxis are rarely equipped with POS machines and getting paid only in cash.
Banks are open from Monday to Thursday, 8:00-14:30 hrs and on Friday, 8:00-14:00 hrs; on Saturdays and Sundays they are closed. Central branches of some banks may be found open until 20.00 daily and from 10.00 to 16.30 on Saturdays.
Using an ATM is most probably the best way to get some cash in euro while you are traveling in Greece.You will have no trouble finding an ATM in all of the popular neighborhoods of Athens in the city center and the suburbs.
There are no set rules when it comes to tipping in Greece. It is recommended to leave a small tip for each service.
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